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pediatric urologist in pune

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Nestling Clinic

Nestling is a young bird that is not fully fledged and unable to fly on its own.

Pediatric Urologist in Pune – Dr. Abhijit P. Benare  

Dr. Abhijit Benare is an eminent Pediatric Urologist in Pune. He is the Director of Nestling clinic. He completed MBBS from Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad in 2002. He has completed FCPS – General Surgery from premier institutes, King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College in 2007 and DNB – General Surgery from King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College in 2009. 

Dr. Benare is specialized in Pediatric Laparoscopic & Thoracoscopic surgery. He has multiple publications in pediatric surgery and pediatric urology in various national and international journals. 

Being the best pediatric urologist in Pune, Dr. Abhijit Benare aims to provide comprehensive pediatric urology services to patients. He always puts his best efforts to enhance your kid’s life. He provides treatment for a wide range of pediatric urological problems including – Undescended testis, Phimosis, Hypospadias, Pelviureteric junction obstruction, Vesicoureteric reflux, Posterior urethral valve, bedwetting, and bladder control problems, undescended testes, epispadias, bladder and kidney stones, chordee and other malformation of the penis, Phimosis, Neurogenic bladder, Antenatal hydronephrosis. 

Apart from Nestling Clinic, you can consult Dr. Benare at the following Hospital in Pune for your kid’s pediatric problems treatment – 

· Jehangir Hospital, Pune

· KEM Hospital, Pune

· Jupiter Hospital, Pune

· Surya Hospital, Pune



My 2 days old son got some intestine infection and was decided to have surgery. But we are so lucky that we got Abhijit sir at right time . He saw my son and decided not to require surgery . It was very tough time for us . But Sir always gave us confidence. Honestly after talking with him we got relief. Thank you sir for saving my son from the surgery. You are the best of bestest. 5 stars are less for you. Sir you deserve millions of stars. Thank you very much sir 🙏
Kumar Swarochi Bhattacharyya
I strongly recommend Dr. Abhijit Benare Sir. He is a highly experienced very genuine and friendly. We went to Dr. Abhijit Sir for our 2 months baby's surgery related to Hernia and we were very nervous but Dr. Abhijit Sir guided us very nicely and gave us confidence that our baby will be fine soon. He did surgery in the morning and our baby took milk in the afternoon of same day. We were really surprised. I really thank Dr. Abhijit Sir and I strongly recommend him.Even after surgery, we followed up and he answered all our queries. To all concerned patients/parents, I would suggest please take Dr Abhijit Sir's opinion once. I am sure it will be helpful for you. Great experience! Thank you so much sir.
Bharat Gabhale
Best doctors
Anup Dingare
Dr Abhijit benare very good Dr and very good person Dr Abhijit yani maza mulaga ansh bhalerao tyachi critical situation asani sudh khup chan prakare treatment dhili Very nice operating 👌 Very good job 👌
Ashish Bhalerao
Being a dr myself,i consulted Dr Abhijit for my son...such a quick diagnosis and accurate treatment...confident at his work and polite in behaviour... highly recommended
Neha Panwar
Dr. Abhijit Benare is extremely professional. he takes time to listen and time to explain.He is very supportive and suggest well. Very Good surgeon.
suhas pacharne
Very calm, composed and kind. He listens and answers all the question or doubts. I had my 30 month old boy neck(branchial sinus) surgery done by him and it went much-much smoother than we expected. My son looked ok in just 3-4 hours post surgery. Many thanks to Dr. Abhijit Benare for making us feel so easy and relaxed in such tensed situation.
Ankit Jain
He is a very experienced, polite and friendly doctor I have met . We went to him for our infant’s surgery , as a parent we are highly satisfied and grateful with the treatment provided by Dr. Abhijit Benare . He is always responsive to the queries we had post surgery . Highly recommend pediatric surgeon !!
Shruti Srivastava
Pediatric urologist in Pune

MBBS, FCPS – General Surgery, DNB – General Surgery, MCh – Paediatrics Surgery, Overall Experience of more than 10 years


About  Nestling Clinic

Nestling is a young bird that is not fully fledged and unable to fly on its own. After initial care and feeding from parents, the Nestling breaks the barrier of fear, and one day the nestling flies on its own.

Similarly at Nestling(Center for Advanced Pediatric Surgery), with our compassion and care, we make the neonates, infants, children & adolescents with surgical conditions recover faster & survivable in society.

We operate 24hr a day - every day!

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